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2015 Event Schedule

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1st Super Bowl Party
6th Auxiliary Meeting
21st RCRA Awards Dinner
27th Pool Tournament


1st Queen’s Coordinator Luncheon
6th Auxiliary Meet & Greet
7th Clubhouse closed: Veterans/Ventnor YC Ball
14th St. Patrick’s Day Party
21st Slip Pick Day/Sock Burning
27th Sip & Paint
28th Clubhouse closed: Wedding Reception
29th Baby Shower on function side – Lounge dining for Members


1st PBA Luncheon (tentative)
3rd Auxiliary Meet & Greet
5th Easter Brunch/Children’s Easter Egg Hunt
11th Clubhouse closed??
17th Membership Meeting
18th /19th Power Fleet Raft-Up @ Gibson Island
25th Clubhouse closed during lunch


1st Auxiliary Meet & Greet
1st/2nd/3rd Joint Fleet Shake Down Cruise @ Baltimore YC
2nd Clubhouse closed: Patio dining for Members
8th DJ Night
9th Clubhouse closed: Patio dining for Members
10th Mother’s Day Brunch
16th Preakness Party
16th/17th Power Fleet Raft-Up @ Bear Creek
16th/17th Sail Fleet Minivous
25th Memorial Day
31st Clubhouse closed: Patio dining for Members


3rd PBA Scholarship Luncheon
5th/6th/7th Opening Weekend
6th Craft Fair
12th DJ Night
12th/13th Power Fleet Cruise @ St. Michael’s Marina & Miles River YC
13th Clubhouse closed – need outside MYC event
14th Clubhouse closed: Patio dining for Members
20th/21st Joint Fleet Cruise & Raft-Up @ Swan Creek, Rock Hall
21st Father’s Day
28th Clubhouse closed: Patio dining for Members


4th Independence Day – Pot Luck Dinner @ Pavilion
10th Auxiliary Meet & Greet
11th Dinner and a Movie
17th Membership Meeting
18th/19th Power Fleet Raft-Up@ Queenstown Creek
18th/19th Sail Fleet Minivous
24th/25th Joint Fleet Cruise @ Rock Hall/Swan Creek (Anchor & Marinas)
25th Mel’s Gourmet Cruise


7th Auxiliary Meet & Greet
7th Rehearsal dinner on function side: Lounge dining for Members
7th/8th/9th Power Fleet Cruise @ Knapps Narrows Marina, Tilghman Island
8th Clubhouse closed: Patio dining for Members
9th Luau
16th Sailing Club of Chesapeake VC dinner: Lounge dining for Members
22nd/23rd Power Fleet Raft-Up @ Fairlee Creek
22nd/23rd Sail Fleet Minivous
28th/29th Power Fleet Raft-Up @ Cacaway Island, Lankford Creek
29th Comedy Night w/Al Ernst
31st Sail Fleet Cruise Week


1st – 6th Sail Fleet Cruise Week
4th/7th Power Fleet Cruise @ Sassafras Harbor Marina
7th Labor Day
11th Auxiliary Meet & Greet
11th/12th/13th District 5 Power Squadron 100th Anniversary (P/C Gorman)
19th/20th Power Fleet Raft-Up @ Mill Creek (Cantler’s)
19th/20th Sail Fleet Minivous
20th Crab Feast
26th Clubhouse closed: Patio dining for Members


2nd Auxiliary Meet & Greet
2nd/3rd/4th Joint Fleet Frost Bite Cruise @ Annapolis Mooring Balls & Marinas
3rd Clubhouse closed: Patio dining for Members
10th Murder Mystery Night (tentative)
11th Clubhouse closed: Patio dining for Members
16th Change of Watch/Membership Meeting
17th/18th Power Fleet Frost Bite Cruise II @ Kent Island YC
17th/18th Sail Fleet Minivous
25th Children’s Halloween Party
24th/25th Power Fleet Oysters, Chili & Hooch Cruise @ Rock Hall
30th Adult Halloween Party


6th Auxiliary Meet & Greet
7th Wedding Reception on function side: Lounge side for Members
14th Commodores Ball (date tentative?)
26th Thanksgiving Day


4th Auxiliary Meet & Greet
12th Chesapeake Cruise Assoc. Luncheon
13th Children’s Holiday Party
31st New Year’s Eve Party


Fuel Report – Gas and Diesel both available 9:00am – 4:00pm daily

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Hours: Thursday – Monday 9:00am – 4:00pm

Valet Pump outs are available by appointment, please allow 48 hours notice.

Please Note:

New prospects for membership will be listed in the Members Only section of our website

Please note as tradition, special Club events such as Mother’s Day, Easter, Crab Feast etc. that is the only meal served that day.

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