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2022 Queen of the Chesapeake

Michelle Studnicki - Bush River Yacht Club

Hello Officers and Members of the Yacht Club Community!

My name is Michelle Studnicki and I have the honor of representing the Yachting Community as the 75th Queen of the Chesapeake. I am Past Princess of Bush River Yacht Club for the years 2021 and 2022. And I am currently a junior at New Covenant Christian School. 

I am involved in my schools Student Leadership Council, I also am involved in our schools ACE Program (Architecture, Construction, and Engineering). I participate in the school Science Fair every year, and enjoy singing in our school's chorus. Outside of school I compete at a state level in swimming and I am also a proud member of the Sea Cadets. 

I am very passionate about service. I believe serving the community is the best possible way to learn and grow. 

Being able to support a charity and make a difference in my own community is my life’s greatest accomplishment. 

I thoroughly enjoy helping the community, especially the yachting community. 

I enjoy spending time with friends and family on the water, swimming, serving the community, attending my churches youth group, and spending quality time with my best friend (my dog). 

I’m so excited to spend the rest of the year representing the Chesapeake Bay as your Queen. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! 

With love, 

Michelle Studnicki 

75th Queen of the Chesapeake 

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