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QOTC 2023 24 Princess handbook updated 9-29-23.docx

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Congratulations on representing your club as PRINCESS. Remember that being chosen as PRINCESS of your club is a great honor and you should feel proud! The PRINCESS is always the brightest point of a Yacht Club.

Code of Conduct, Responsibilities and Protocol (aka CoCRP) for the Queen and the Princesses in the Court of the Queen of the Chesapeake:

The Queen of the Chesapeake Committee is committed to safeguarding and promoting the wellbeing of all its Participants. We believe that it is important that the Queen of the Chesapeake and Club Princesses participating in the Queen of the Chesapeake Program (Queen’s Court) should always show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others.

The Queen of the Chesapeake Program Participants are encouraged to be open at all times and to respectfully share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the Queen of the Chesapeake Program with the Committee.

The Queen of the Chesapeake Program aims to offer a positive experience in which our young women can learn and experience new things in a befitting environment.

By participating in the Queen of the Chesapeake’s Court, a Participant has accepted the responsibility and honor of representing her Yacht Club in the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club Community. This responsibility and honor include being a positive representative of her Yacht Club. This role comes with certain standards and responsibilities.

These standards and responsibilities are determined by her club, however, being a member of the Queen’s court also has certain expectations. As a member of the Queen’s Court, Participants are held to a high standard of conduct.

The QOTC Committee will help, support, and prepare Participants through communication, direction, and activities that help develop leadership skills.

Queen of the Chesapeake Program Participants are expected to abide by the following Code of Conduct:

As a Member of the Queen’s Court, all Participants MUST:

  • 1.      Respect the rights, dignity, and worth of all regardless of ability, race, appearance, cultural background, religious beliefs, or sexual identity.
  • 2.      Refrain from any and all conduct that is obscene, indecent, or offensive. This includes but is not limited to the use of foul language or racial/sectarian references. This includes in person interactions as well as, but is not limited to, social media, messaging (electronic or otherwise), as well as traditional communications.
  • 3.      Respect opponents and practice good sportsmanship such as abstaining from cheating or making false accusations.
  • 4.      Refrain from behavior that is threatening, abusive, retaliatory, or is disruptive or obstructive.
  • 5.      Refrain from bullying in any form. This includes through social media.
  • 6.      Refrain from providing false statements or misleading information, including by omission, to or about the Queen of the Chesapeake Program, the Committee, or its Participants.

7.      Drinking alcohol is PROHIBITED for all people under the age of 21. If a Princess is offered alcohol by anyone, it should be reported to a Committee member immediately.

8.      The smoking of cigarettes, cigars, JUULing, the use of other e-cigarettes, marijuana or any other drug that is not prescribed is NOT PERMITTED.

  • 9.      Refrain from committing any offense that is prohibited by local, state, or federal law.
  • 10. Social Media: Remember that anything you post can be viewed by anyone whether you delete it or not. Princesses are expected to follow the Code of Conduct as a guideline for their use of social media. Online safety is of paramount importance; Princesses should be careful in what they choose to post and what they choose to share. Remember to be positive, present your best self, and when in doubt, consult resources such as your school’s online rules or a QOTC Committee member.
  • 11. Actions against or violations of the Code of Conduct should be resolved in the following manner:
  • a.      Princesses should go to a responsible adult for assistance based on their club’s established protocols. This can include a parent or other chaperone, a member of their princess committee, or their Commodore.
  • b.      If a resolution is not reached, the home club must notify the QOTC Committee.
  • 12. Respond in a timely fashion to communications. If the Queen or a Committee Member or an officer or their mate of a yacht club requests information, such as which events a Princess will or will not be able to attend, the Princess should strive to respond immediately, but within 48 to 72 hours if there are extenuating circumstances. The Queen and all Committee members should be provided this information via email.

Traditional Guidelines for Princess Attire:

A Princess represents her whole club. Her behavior and presentation reflect on not only herself, but her club and all its members.

  • 1.      A Princess should wear her tiara and sash, presented to her by her club, at all events.
  • 2.      For your own club Ball and Opening:
  • a.      You are to wear a white ball gown. This is the only time you are to wear white other than for the pageant.
  • b.      You may wear a dress shoe with heels to balls. No flip-flops or “crocs” style shoes.
  • 3.      For other clubs’ Balls:
  • a.      You will normally wear a full-length gown to a ball, but you should dress according to the dress code established by the host club.
  • b.      You may wear a dress shoe with heels to balls. No flip-flops or “crocs” style shoes.
  • 4.      For all ball gowns:
  • a.      Dresses may be strapless as long as they fit properly.
  • b.      Dresses may be backless, but should not be cut below the navel.
  • c.       Dresses may not be two-piece that show midriff.
  • d.      Dresses may not have a slit that exceeds mid-thigh, in other words, no higher than 6 inches above your knees.
  • e.      Dresses may not be cut below the bust line.
  • f.        Undergarments should not be visible.
  • g.      As white dresses are reserved for the Queen and the Princess of a club, if the dress is more than 25% white it should not be worn.
  • 5.      When attending an Opening or Other Events:
  • a.      A Princess should wear a nice sundress or dressy slacks. Leggings and jeans are not appropriate. Dresses are to be no higher than 6 inches above your knees, and not see-through. When wearing a sundress, she should consider wearing shorts underneath to preserve modesty in case of wind.
  • b.      Although a Princess may wear a dress shoe with heels to balls, flat shoes are to be worn at openings. Often the terrain is uneven, rocky, and unsuitable for heels. A Princess does not wear flip flops or “crocs” style shoes when representing her club.
  • 6.      If a Princess is invited to an event and is uncertain of dress protocol, she should reach out to a member of the Committee for guidance.

Guidelines for Princess Etiquette:

Etiquette refers to proper behavior during attendance at events. You are an official representative of your club and the QOTC Program. Events provide you with the opportunity to get acquainted with other Princesses and members of the yacht club community, and the communities in which your clubs operate. Learning and engaging in proper behavior is one purpose, and benefit, of the QOTC Program.

1.      Pay polite attention to speakers during ceremonies. Sit up straight and direct your attention toward the speaker.

2.      A Princess does not chew gum when representing her club, especially at openings and balls.

3.      Outside food must be consumed off event premises. Allergies should be communicated to the home club commodore and the Committee in advance of attending an event.

4.      Refrain from cell phone use during ceremonies and presentations. Discreet use of cellphones for the purpose of taking photos is allowed at other times.

5.      ALWAYS be respectful during the Pledge of Allegiance, the prayer, the National Anthem, and the entire ceremony. No talking or whispering.

6.      ALWAYS include all Princesses in activities. Do not pair off with individuals or form cliques. Be there to support one another.

7.      Participation in events includes remaining at the event. Do not retreat for extended periods to bathrooms or boats. Do enjoy the festivities!

8.      When being escorted by her Commodore or the ranking officer of the club, a Princess is on the left. The Princess is on the right when the officer’s mate is on the left. If she is being escorted by someone not representing her club, she is on the right. The Queen of the Chesapeake is always on the right. The only possible exception is during the Pageant.

Infractions or violations can occur through multiple means of communications that include, but are not limited to social media technologies such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, texting, chatrooms, Tik Tok, Tumblr, Twitter, etc.

Violations of the Code of Conduct that have not been resolved at the club level should be reported to a QOTC Committee member. If the violation is determined to have merit and require attention, the offending Princess’s Commodore will be informed by the QOTC Committee. Misconduct will be evaluated by the Committee and may result in constructive support to assist a Princess learn and grow, or, in the event of a significant violation or repeated violations, dismissal from the Queen of the Chesapeake Program. As a result, the offending Princess will be unable to participate in the Queen of the Chesapeake activities, nor compete in the pageant.

All decisions of the Queen of the Chesapeake Committee are final.


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